laryngeal cavity

laryngeal cavity
полость гортани

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  • Laryngeal cavity — Infobox Anatomy Name = PAGENAME Latin = cavitas laryngis GraySubject = 236 GrayPage = 1078 Caption = Sagittal section of the larynx and upper part of the trachea. Caption2 = Coronal section of larynx and upper part of trachea. Precursor = System …   Wikipedia

  • laryngeal cavity intermediate — the smallest part of the laryngeal cavity, extending from the rima vestibuli to the rima glottidis …   Medical dictionary

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  • Laryngeal cancer — may also be called cancer of the larynx or laryngeal carcinoma. Most laryngeal cancers are squamous cell carcinomas, reflecting their origin from the squamous cells which form the majority of the laryngeal epithelium. Cancer can develop in any… …   Wikipedia

  • cavity — 1. A hollow space; hole. See cave, c., cavitas, cavernous space. 2. Lay term for the loss of tooth structure due to dental caries. SYN: cavum [TA], cavitas. [L. cavus …   Medical dictionary

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  • laryngeal pouch — noun also laryngeal sac or laryngeal saccule : a saccular expansion of the lateral wall cavity of the larynx between the true and false vocal cords that is greatly developed in certain monkeys (as the orang) …   Useful english dictionary

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  • fold — 1. A ridge or margin apparently formed by the doubling back of a lamina. SYN: plica. 2. In the embryo, a transient elevation or reduplication of tissue in the form of a lamina …   Medical dictionary

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